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Research Activities – Overview



      SDD chip inspection  
  Research Activities
  New Devices
New Ideas
Advanced Research
  Our research concentrates on:    
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  Development Topics
New Device Structures
  • Avalanche amplifying devices
  • Repetitive non-destructive readout
  • Gateable readout schemes
  • Orthogonal channel FETs
Evaluation of the Limits of Measurement Precision
  • Ionization process in silicon
  • Charge diffusion and repulsion
  • Radiation and process induced traps in silicon
  • Ultimate limits in time, energy and position measurement
  • Dead layer radiation entrance windows
New Fabrication and Interconnection Technologies
  • Defect engineering
  • Thermal leakage through impurities and imperfections
  • Three-dimensional integration of ASICs
  • Radiation hardening techniques
  • Radiation entrance window techniques
  • Thinning technologies
Physics of Devices and Systems
  • Light generation process in avalanche devices
  • Noise in physical systems
  • System simulation of complex high speed X-ray cameras
  • Three-dimensional time dependent device simulations
Device Topologies
  • PIN diode arrays
  • Silicon drift detectors
  • Fully depleted back-illuminated charge coupled devices
  • active pixel sensors
  • Avalanche amplifying back-illuminated devices
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