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Silicon Device Applications



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Silicon Device Applications      
To internal topic Silicon Strip Detectors      
    Photo of assembled detector for scanning transmission 
        X-ray microscopy (Courtesy B. Hornberger, Stony Brook University)  
To internal topic Silicon Drift Detectors        
    Detail of the APXS System. Robotic arm of one of the Mars Rovers on Mars equipped with an APXS System  
    Lizard X-ray image taken with an experimental LSDD at the Trieste Synchrotron (Courtesy A. Castoldi et. al.)  
To internal topic pnCCD Detectors      
      Prototype of one of eRosita's pnCCDs measuring 2 cm by 2 cm.  
    Photo of the whole XMM-Newton pnCCD camera with radiator.    
To internal topic DEPFET Active Pixel Sensors      
      Arist's view of XEUS in space.
    Schematic of the DEPFET sensor for the XEUS Wide Field Imager.  
To internal topic Avalanche Amplifying Devices    
  • SiMPl devices - Silicon photomultipliers with bulk integrated quench resistors for variety of low light level applications.
  simpl wafer
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