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Frame Store pnCCD for eROSITA



  Frame Store pnCCD for eROSITA
A frame store pnCCD was developed for the X-ray astronomy mission eROSITA (extended Roentgen survey with an imaging telescope array). The instrument will be launched into orbit in 2011 on a Russian satellite called Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma (SRG) satellite. The main scientific goals of eROSITA are a systematic detection and analysis of all obscured accreting Black Holes in nearby galaxies and of ten thousand galaxy clusters. Furthermore the nature of dark energy and dark matter will be investigated. Photo of an X-ray telescope array prototype for eROSITA
Prototype X-ray telescope array for eROSITA.
  The eROSITA instrument will perform the first imaging all-sky survey in the medium X-ray energy range up to 10 keV with unprecedented spectral and angular resolution.  
  The main components of eROSITA’s s are seven X-ray telescopes of Wolter-I type with seven dedicated focal plane pnCCD detectors (Figure above). The pnCCD detector permits accurate spectroscopy of X-rays as well as imaging with high time resolution. It is based on the successful XMM-Newton pnCCD detector concept but was further improved in terms of design and technology. In particular a frame store section is added to the image area for the purpose of simultaneous imaging and readout in separate CCD areas.
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  Scientific Publication:  
PDF document Fast large-area spectroscopic and imaging CCD detectors for X-ray astronomy with eROSITA and for exploration of the nanocosmos
Proc. of SPIE Volume: 6686, XIII, Publ.Date: 2007, pages 0H1-0H10,(2007)
[PDF 358 KB]
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Prototype of the eROSITA pnCCD detector module